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  2ND Psalm 77:7 Dennis Anderson Looking for relief
  5th Revelation 11:1 Dennis Anderson Sooner or later your'e gonnaface the Lord
    Romans 14:7-9 Dennis Anderson  
  9th Ecc. 3:7 Dennis Anderson The wisdom of knowing when to speak and when to be silent
  13th Genesis 3:20 Dennis Anderson I didn't know Eve, but I do know you. . ..
    Psalm 46:10 Darrell Flanagan Let God Be God. . .
Ephesians 6.12
Jeff Casper Symptoms not the cause
  20th Philippians 3:20-21 Dennis Anderson Looking for Jesus to Return
  23th Revelations 21:22 Dennis Anderson Heaven the dwelling place of God
  27th Psalms 135-13 Dennis Anderson Remembering where the Lord brought us From"
    Psalm 19:7 Dennis Anderson The Lord has a good testimony and don't you mess it up
  30th Psalm 119:28-29 Dennis Anderson Faith without feeling. . . .
    3rd Duet 6:4 Dennis Anderson Losing sigt of the Word of God
    John 2:9 Dennis Anderson Saving the best for last
  6th Matthew 14:22 Bro. Darrell Flanagan When's The Last Time You Walked On Water
  10th Luke 10:20 Dennis Anderson Is your name written down?
    Revelation 20:22 Dennis Anderson Even so come Lord Jesus
  13th John 8:51 Dennis Anderson Never Seeing Death Doesn't Mean staying In The Mortel Body
  17th Mark 10:6 Dennis Anderson What can I say about Fathers Day?
    I Peter 2:19 Dennis Anderson Have a conscience toward God....
  20th Mark 5 Darrell Flanagan Real Revival Happens When Jesus Passes By
  22nd James 1:1-2 Allen Gullick Part 1 of 4 "Life is Hard"
  23rd James 1:3-5 Allen Gullick Part 2 of 4 "God is Good"
  24th James 1:10 Allen Gullick Part 3 of 4 "Time is Short"
    James 1:13 Allen Gullick Part 4 of 7 "God is Good"
  27th Luke 4:1 Dennis Anderson Our Faithfulness Is To The Lord, Not Our Feeling
  1st Luke 4:14 Dennis Anderson When the test is over....
    Luke 4:20 Dennis Anderson And he closed the book....
  4th Revelation 21:5 Dennis Anderson  
  8th Acts 28:23 Dennis Anderson Some believed and some believed not
    I Peter 1 Dennis Anderson When the trial is over we will all be home