saiah 53:3
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  2nd Isaiah 53:3 Dennis Anderson A Man of Sorrows and Acquainted With Grief
    1 Samuel 16:1 Darrell Flanagan One of the Worlds Biggest Excuses
  5th Matthew 4:12-17 Dennis Anderson Light is Sprung Up
  9th Titus 2:1 Dennis Anderson Speaking Things That Become Sound Doctrine
    2 Samuel 12:9 Dennis Anderson David Being Punished Out of His Own House
  12th Philippians 4:4 Dennis Anderson Rejoice in the Lord Alway, and Again I Say Rejoice
Psalm 52:1
Dennis Anderson Dry and Dead, or Alive and Green
    Psalm 53:1 Dennis Anderson The Fools Heart


Proverbs 9:1 Dennis Anderson

Seven Pillars

  26th Matthew 6:33 Dennis Anderson The First Thing We Ought to Do
  30th Psalm 118:24 Darrell Flanagan Thank God For a New Day
    Psalm 119:11 Darrell Flanagan What are You Hiding?
June 2nd Phililpians 1:18 Dennis Anderson Rejoicing in the Preaching of Christ
  6th Obadiah 1:16 Dennis Anderson Under His Wrath of in His Will
    I Kings 3:16 Dennis Anderson Death While Sleeping
  13th John 19:25 Dennis Anderson Be it Ever so Humble, there is No Peace LIke Home
      Isaiah 1:4 Dennis Anderson A Seed of Evil Doers
  16th 1 Timothy 6:6-7 Dennis Anderson I Hope You Are Leaving with More Than You Came With
  20th Genesis 2:7 Dennis Anderson

The Blessing of Fatherhood

    Genesis 3:21 Dennis Anderson The Blessing of Fatherhood Part 2
  23rd James 4:7-8 Dennis Anderson When the Devil Comes Home With You
  27th II Timothy 3:12 Darrell Flanagan The Next 27 Years
    I Thessalonians 1:2 Dennis Anderson 27 years
  30th Luke 20:1 Dennis Anderson The Authority of the Lord
July 4th John 8:32-36 Dennis Anderson Happy 4th of July
    Acts 13 Dennis Anderson This Man Can Forgive Your Sins
  7th Revelations 21:11 Dennis Anderson New Things
  11th Hebrews 12:1 Dennis Anderson Running the Race with Patience
    Isaiah 30:8 Dennis Anderson Something that Recorded in a Book for Now and Forever
  14th Psalm 103:12 Dennis Anderson Thank the Lord Our Sins are Gone
  18th I Corinthians 10 Darrell Flanagan Is God Pleased with your Christian Example
    Ephesians 4:29 Darrell Flanagan Watch Your Mouth
  21st Psalm 90 Darrell Flanagan Thou Art God
  25th II TImothy 4 Darrell Flanagan When the Fire Goes Out...
    Isaiah 56 Darrell Flanagan Cheap Preachers, Cheap Churches, and Members Who Like it that way
  28th 1 Corinthians 10:12 Darrell Flanagan God is Still Good....