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  4th Isaiah 59:8 Dennis Anderson When People Know Not The Way Of Peace
    Exodus 20 Dennis Anderson Pardon Before Peace
  7th Psalms 139 Darrell Flanagan Search Me, Try Me, Lead Me
  11th Psalms 119:73 Dennis Anderson We Are The Product Of Gods Hands
    Psalms 119:75 Dennis Anderson Something That I Know About The Lord
  14th Psalm 53 Darrell Flanagan What is our heart saying tonight?
  18th Psalms 119:80 Dennis Anderson Seven Sound Things We Ought To Have. Part 1
        Technical Difficulties
  21st Romans 1:16 Darrell Flanagan Heaven Or Hell
  25th Proverbs 2:10 Dennis Anderson Seven Sound Things We Ought To Have. Part 2
    1 Timothy 1:9 Dennis Anderson Seven Sound Things We Ought To Have. Part 3
  28th Genesis 7:16 Darrell Flanagan When The Lord Shuts The Door
  1st 2 Timothy 1:7 Dennis Anderson Seven Sound Things We Ought To Have. Part 4
    2 Timothy 1:13 Dennis Anderson Sound Words
  4th Acts 11:26 Samuel Anderson Being A Christian
Romans 5:15
Dennis Anderson The Free Gift
    Ecclesiastes 7:13 Dennis Anderson Considering The Work Of God
  11th Psalms 119:57 Dennis Anderson A Portion That Last Forever
    15th I Samuel 15:25 Dennis Anderson After the Giant has been Slain
    Habakkuk 2:3 Dennis Anderson The Appointed Time For The Coming Of Christ
  18th 2 Thessalonians 2:1 Dennis Anderson When We All Gather Unto Him
  22nd I Thessalonians 5:9 Dennis Anderson We are going to live together with him
    I Thessalonians 5:17 Dennis Anderson The faithfulness of God
  25th Matthew 5:36 Dennis Anderson Worry will not change a thing
  29th Matthew 10:34 Dennis Anderson When We Think Like Christ
    Habakkak 1:13 Dennis Anderson How Can the Lord Hold his Tongue in all this Wickedness
  2nd Mark 5:22 Jeff Casper Why We Dont Come To Jesus
  6th Revelation 21:10 Darrell Flanagan Don't Tarnish The Goal
    2 Corinthians 5:17 Darrell Flanagan Are You A Child Of The King
  9th John 7:16 Dennis Anderson The Doctrine Of God Is The Doctrine Of Christ
Titus 2:10
Dennis Anderson The Doctrine Of God Says Some Things The World Won't Like
    Acts 20:27,28 Dennis Anderson We Need All The Counsel Of God
  16th Romans 6:17 Dennis Anderson The Doctrine That Will Deliver You From Sin
  20th Isaiah 25:7-8 Dennis Anderson The Lord Is Worth The Wait
    Isaiah 26:7 Dennis Anderson Desiring The Lord With The Soul
  23rd 1 Samuel 17:1 Blake Casper Give Your Battles To God
    Ephesians 6:10-20 Sam Anderson The Whole Armor Of God
  27th Mark 9:23-24 Dennis Anderson Help My Unbelief
    Jeremiah 4 Dennis Anderson Blow Ye The Trumpet
  30th Lamentations 3:39 Dennis Anderson Why Does The Living Man Complain About The Punishment Of His Sins
  3rd 3 John Dennis Anderson What A Wonderful Testimony That Gaius Had
    Psalms 12 Dennis Anderson Where The KJV Bible Came From
  6th Proverbs 24:1 Dennis Anderson Wisdom is too high for a fool
  10th Revelation 21:27 Dennis Anderson Look At The Lies They Told And The Things They Made
    Jude 14,15 Dennis Anderson Enoch's Message
  17th Psalms 133:3 Dennis Anderson Where Were You When God Proclaimed Life Evermore
    Job 41:1 Dennis Anderson The Unknown Creature To The Modern Day Scholar
  20th Psalms 23:5 Dennis Anderson Dwelling In The Lord's House Forever
  24th 2Chronicles 26:1 Dennis Anderson All The Right Of The Past Won't Justify The Wrong Of The Present
2 Kings 7:1
Dennis Anderson Why Sit We Here Until We Die
  1st 1 John 5:11-13 Dennis Anderson Salvation And The Simplicity Of It
John 3:1-6
Lukas Bass No Exceptions
    1 Kings 3:5 Ron Bass An Understanding Heart
  4th Matthew 7:13-16 Blake Casper False Prophets
    Psalms 23 Jeff Casper The Lord Is My Shepherd