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August 1st Romans 9:20 Dennia Anderson Why Hast THou Made Me This
  5th Romans 9:25 Dennis Anderson Stumbling at the Stumbling Stone
    Galations 6:3 Dennis Anderson It is not what you think
  8th Psalms 27:1 Jeff Casper Is Our Light Showing
  12th Proverbs 19:13 Dennis Anderson A Prudent Wife....
    Romans 2:32 Darrell Flanagan How sensitive are you to the Words of God
  15th Psalms 32:1 Darrell Flanagan How Long Has It Been Since We've Acknowledge Our Sin
  19th Romans 6:23 Darrell Flanagan Get busy living or get busy dying
    II Timothy 3:1-12 Darrell Flanagan How much are you suffering?
  22nd Matthew 4:1 Darrell Flanagan You Better Watch Out
  26th I Corinthians 6:11 Dennis Anderson Salvation will change your life...
    Proverbs 14:12 Blake Casper He is the way the truth and the life
    II Thes. 3:5 Dennis Anderson Patiently waiting for Christ
  31st John 1:5 Dennis Anderson You'll Be In The Darkness Until God Turns On The Lights
  September 2nd Matthew 24:5 Dennis Anderson Bearing witness of the true light
    John 8 Dennis Anderson The truth shall make you free...
  5th Phillipians 1:2 Dennis Anderson The More Needful Things
  9th Galations 1:15 Dennis Anderson Preach Christ Among the Heathen
    Galations 3:8 Dennis Anderson The Heathen can be Saved
  12th Matthew 14:13 Dennis Anderson In The Path Of Obedience With Jesus
  16th II Timothy 2:14 Dennis Anderson Words to no profit
    II Timothy 3:13 Dennis Anderosn Deception at Work
  19th Jeremiah 17:9 Darrell Flanagan Which Way Is Your Heart Leading You?
  23th Hebrews 1:1-3 Dennis Anderson Hearing the Voice of God
    Hebrews 1:1-3 Dennis Anderson Jesus by Himself Purged out our Sins
  26th 1 Timothy 2:3 Dennis Anderson Good Acceptable Things In The Sight Of God
  30th Psalm 150:1-6 Dennis Anderson Praise ye the Lord
    Acts 26:13 Dennis Anderson Agrippa had a kingdom but he did not have a King
  3rd John 14:6 Darrell Flanagan Theres Only One Name
  7th Hebrews 12:25 Dennis Anderson Speaking on earth to speaking from Heaven
    Luke 5:6 Dennis Anderson His Eye is on the Sparrow
  10th Acts 28:1 Jeff & Blake Casper Blake " Are You Ready" - Jeff " Shake It Off"
  14th I Peter 2 Dennis Anderson The Shepard and Bishop of our Souls
    Luke 16:19 Dennis Anderson A Beggar, A Barn and a burning man...
  17th 2 Peter 1:10 Sam Anderson True Knowledge
  21st Proverbs 19:1 Dennis Anderson Walking in Integrity
    Proverbs 19:2 Dennis Anderson What are you in such a hurry for?
Romans 13:7
Dennis Anderson Honor To Whom It's Due
Galations 4:3
Dennis Anderson Are you known of God?
Proverbs 7:1
Dennis Anderson My house, your house, her house and the House of God
  31st 2 Timothy 3:16 Dennis Anderson Furnished Inside and Out
  4th Luke 19:41 Dennis Anderson Does anybody care anymore.
    Matthew 12:38 Dennis Anderson We're not sign seekers.
  7th Luke 1:13 Dennis Anderson Turning People To The Lord
  11th Romans 4:23 Dennis Anderson The Lord thought about us way back then
    Romans 6 Dennis Anderson We will be together longer on the other side