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3rd I Thessalonians 3:1 Dennis Anderson Deliverance from unreasonable men
  7th Exodus 12:41 Dennis Anderson Leaving the Land of Egypt
    Exodus 1 Dennis Anderson When black men were in power
Galatians 6:10
Dennis Anderson The Window Of Opportunity
  14th Ecc. 5 Dennis Anderson The need of thy heart can't be supplied by thy hand
    Psalm 51:5 Dennis Anderson Conceived in sin
  17th Mark 1:15 Dennis Anderson Repent Ye and Believe The Gospel
  24th Proverbs 31:27 Dennis Anderson You've Looked Well To Your Houshold
  28th II Timothy 2:1 Dennis Anderson Remembering those who died in battle
    II Corithians 6:14 Dennis Anderson Marry a rebel and you will wake up with the devil
Acts 21:8
Dennis Anderson Philip The Evangalist
June 4th
Acts 21:14
Dennis Anderson The will of the Lord will be done.
    Psalm 53:1 Darrell Flanagan Bunch of Fools
  7th Malichia 4:1 Jeff Casper Be Ye Ready
  11th Ezekiel 1:15 Dennis Anderson A spare tire christian....
    Ecclesiastes 9:10 Dennis Anderson Today is the beginning of the rest of your life
  14th Hosea 6 Dennis Anderson If We Follow On To Know
  18th Proverbs 22:28 Dennis Anderson Bounds thy Father has set.....
    I Chronicles Missionary All is Yours
  21st Jerimiah 2:8 Dennis Anderson Preachers Who Did Not Know The Lord
REVIVAL 23rd Hebrews 5:11 Allen Gullick Coming to your senses......
  24th Hebrews 5:14 Allen Gullick Coming to your senses.... part 2
Hebrews 5:14
Allen Gullick Coming to your senses... part 3
    Hebrews 5:14 Allen Gullick Coming to your senses.... part 4
  28th Actsb 22:21 Dennis Anderson Leaving Behind A Bad Pass
July 2 Acts 23:1 Dennis Anderson How is your conscience this morning?
    Romans 13:14 Dennis Anderson When people operate by feeling.....
  5th Acts 23 Dennis Andeson News From Pauls Sisters Son
  9th Revelation 22:13 Dennis Anderson Nothing before nothing beyond, nothing beside him
    Hebrews 13:8 Dennis Anderson The Lord Jesus is ever the same
  12th Luke 15:11 Darrell Flanagan Are We Part Of The Problem
  16th I Chronicles 16:36 Dennis Anderson And all the people said Amen
    Exodus 1:13-14 Dennis Anderson When blacks were in power
  19th John 2:1 Dennis Anderson Women, Weddings and Wine
  26th 1 Timothy 8 Dennis anderson Using The Law Lawfully
  30th Luke 19:1 Dennis Anderson Christ, a crowd and a convicted man
    Psalm 65:4 Dennis Anderson The blessed man
  2nd Psalms 68:1 Dennis Anderson It Will Make The Wicked Sad But The Righteous Glad
  6th Galations 1:13 Dennis Anderson Persecutor. preacher and past life
    Matthew 4:17 Dennis Anderson Jesus began to preach. . . .
  9th Genesis 4:1 Dennis Anderson The First Two Men Were Born In Sin
  13th 2 Chronicles 32:24 Dennis Anderson How to set your house in order
    Psalms 118 Darrell Flanagan This is the day