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Matt. 7:24


Blkake Casper

Darrell Flanagan

He's The Foundation of My Salvation

Growing Old Together

Jeremiah 26:1
Dennis Anderson What happened at Shiloh?
    Jeremiah 26:15 Dennis Anderson Part 2
  8th 1 Sam. 12:22 Jeff Casper Nothings To Big For God
  12th Job 1:21-22 Dennis Anderson All mothers are no the same
    Malachi :5-6 Dennis Anderson The comming of the Lord
  15th Luke 21:8 Dennis Anderson Settle It In Your Heart
  22nd 1 Samuel 16:15-23 Darrell Flanagan What Are You Going To Do When Your Song Is Over
  26th II Chronicles 6:34 Dennis Anderson Remember those who have died in service.
    John 10:1-4 Dennis Anderson Entereth in or entereth not








Psalms 29:1-4

Ezekiel 3:17

2 Chronicles 19:1-3

Genesis 9

Dennis Anderson.

Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson

Dennis Adnerson

The Voice Of God

Give Them The Warning From Me

Should We Help the Ungodly and Love Them That Hate The Lord

Perverting The Right Ways Of The Lord

  9th Duet. 4:1 Dennis Anderson Ye that cleave unto the Lord
Titus 1:1-4
Dennis Anderson  









Exodus 20:4-5

Psalm 18:31

Leviticus 16:5

Leviticus 16:1-5

Tech Difficulties

Leviticus 16:7

Exodus 32:1

1 Corinthians 14:10

Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson

Allen Gullick

Allen Gullick

Allen Gullick

Allen Gullick

Sam Anderson

Dennis Anderson

Something every home ought to have

Who is God?

Two Goats one Gospel . . . .Part 1

Two Goats One Gospel . . . Part 2

Two Goats One Gospel . . . Part 3

Two Goats One Gospel . . . Part 4

What IS Your Golden Calf

The Voice Of God

Hebrews 12:25
Dennis Anderson The Voice Of Blood
  3rd Acts 1 Jeff Casper We Have Got To Have Power
  7th John 10:5 Dennis Anderson The Voice Of Strangers
    1 Samuel 7:1-14 Dennis Anderson Milk Cow Religion
  10th Luke 17:10 Ronn Bass Serving The Sin or Serving The Savior
  14th Joshua 1 Darrell Flanagan Has The Battle Started Yet
    1 Timothy 3 Darrell Flanagan You May Be Qualified But Your Dead As A Hammer
  17th Matthew 6:9 Darrell Flanagan Not My Will But Thine
Psalms 144:7
Dennis Anderson Building A Strong Family For God
Proverbs 30;21
Dennis Anderson 4 Evils The Earth Cannot Bear
2 Timothy 3
Darrell Flanagan There Is No Doubt We Are In The Last Days
Isaiah 17:10
Dennis Anderson Tator Heads, Tator Slips, Truth Seekers
    Deuteronomy 30:15 Dennis Anderson Life Has Two Choices
  31st Job 38 Darrell Flanagan Hold Fast, Who Do You Think You Are
  4th Isaiah 59:8 Dennis Anderson When People Know Not The Way Of Peace
    Exodus 20 Dennis Anderson Pardon Before Peace
  7th Psalms 139 Darrell Flanagan Search Me, Try Me, Lead Me
  11th Psalms 119:73 Dennis Anderson We Are The Product Of Gods Hands
    Psalms 119:75 Dennis Anderson Something That I Know About The Lord
  14th Psalm 53 Darrell Flanagan What is our heart saying tonight?
  18th Psalms 119:80 Dennis Anderson Seven Sound Things We Ought To Have. Part 1
        Technical Difficulties
  21st Romans 1:16 Darrell Flanagan Heaven Or Hell
  25th Proverbs 2:10 Dennis Anderson Seven Sound Things We Ought To Have. Part 2
    1 Timothy 1:9 Dennis Anderson Seven Sound Things We Ought To Have. Part 3
  28th Genesis 7:16 Darrell Flanagan When The Lord Shuts The Door
  1st 2 Timothy 1:7 Dennis Anderson Seven Sound Things We Ought To Have. Part 4
    2 Timothy 1:13 Dennis Anderson Sound Words
  4th Acts 11:26 Samuel Anderson Being A Christian
Romans 5:15
Dennis Anderson The Free Gift
    Ecclesiastes 7:13 Dennis Anderson Considering The Work Of God
  11th Psalms 119:57 Dennis Anderson A Portion That Last Forever
  15th I Samuel 15:25 Dennis Anderson After the Giant has been Slain
    Habakkuk 2:3 Dennis Anderson The Appointed Time For The Coming Of Christ
  18th 2 Thessalonians 2:1 Dennis Anderson When We All Gather Unto Him